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Thursday 4th January 2018 – February 9th 2018


Thank you for your kind Christmas gifts and cards these were all very much appreciated by the staff of Little Stars. We wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous and happy 2018.

We very much welcome all those children who will be starting with us as we hope they have a very enjoyable time.


This term our art theme is “Shapes


Welcome back to everyone







Table top painting




Bubbling paint.



Potato stamping.









Colouring. Mobile will be sent home.




Bike days (Weather permitting) These days are a chance for your child to bring in their own bike, scooter or pram. Please see dates for this half term in the ‘dates for your diary’ column.

The medium term planning is on our notice board for you to view, if you would like a copy emailed to you please let us know. The “Wow” words are on the white board.



As we are now full from January, mornings and afternoons, we would ask you to heighten your awareness in and around the car park area as we have seen some minor incidents in the past.


The Children are your responsibility until they come over the inner door to the hall so please ensure your child hangs their coat up and then passes through the inner door before leaving the premises.


This area is always very busy with children and parents entering and leaving.


At the end of a session, I will not call out a child’s name if their parent / carer are on a mobile.


Sponsor days. 7/8th March 2018


Sponsorship forms will be given out at the end of this term which is the only fundraising event we carry out for the nursery itself.


All monies raised help us maintain and enhance our equipment. More details to follow.


Open day


I would like you to know that we received so many positive comments on the format and behaviour of the children on Open day.


They were particular impressed that the children learnt so many songs and behaved so well in front of such a large audience.



Summer Fun days


We are considering opening in the summer holidays from 9-12:00 a.m. for two weeks only. At this stage we are just putting our feelers for those parents who might consider taking this up.


We are insured for children up to 8 years old. Can you please let me know if you might be interested?



Football sessions.


These will start after half-term when more consistent good weather is expected.


GA Sports will be sending out their paperwork in January

Outside agencies.


Several agencies will be coming in to talk to the children this term. The first is the dentist on the 20th February.  If parents have any contacts for other agencies that would benefit the children please let us know.


Mobile / Email updates.


Some parents may have been given new phones for Christmas so if anyone has changed their contact details, either phone or email please ensure you keep us informed to ensure our records are accurate and up to date.


Paper and Card

We always need paper and card. Do you know of any suppliers who would be willing to donate some to us? 



Do you have any contacts that would be willing to do some photocopying for us?   


School places

If you are applying for a school place for your child, this has to be in by 15th January 2018. If you feel you need to discuss this further please come to see me.



We would appreciate donations of any old toys or jigsaw together with old wellington boots for our garden area.


Should we receive duplicated items we will be passing these onto charity.


Parent volunteers.


We would welcome any parent who wishes to volunteer to help on computers and IPad use or indeed any other skills they feel might be useful for nursery and the children.


Please let Karen Lucas know if you are interest


Bad weather


If we encounter really bad weather we will always notify you by email and post a message on our website




Book club


The book club have now gone back to giving out leaflets, which will be given to every child but you can still order on line. A reminder that the link which is below.


Any commission we receive helps us towards our library costs.



Lost property.


We always display lost property items and any property that has not been claimed at the end of the term will either be given to charity or destroyed.


To reduce these please ensure that your children’s clothing have labels with their name on clearly displayed.


Hiring Parkside Hall

Available to hire for Children’s parties on Saturday’s between 12 noon and 5 p.m. at a reasonable price. If interested please contact Gary Redding on 020 8308 3862 or 07805 925 885
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Dates For Your Diary


Thursday 4th January.


Return to nursery.

Friday 9th February.

Last day of term.

Monday 19th  February



GA Sports start of 6-week course.

Tuesday 20th February

a.m. & p.m.


A visit from the dentist for both parents and children.


Friday 23rd February



GA Sports start of 6-week course.

Wednesday 7th March

Thursday 8th March


Sponsor days.


New term dates will follow shortly.





Bike Days this half term






8th January



16th January



24th January



1st February



9th February