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Wednesday 5th September  to Friday 19th October 2018



This term our art theme is “Colours


Welcome back to everyone





Junk modelling


Choosing. imagination, Sticking and creating..

Red apple.



Scrunching & gluing.

Christmas cards to be sent to printers.


Hand or finger painting. glittering and sticking.

Yellow banana



Green Peas


Dabbing paint with a cotton bud.

Orange carrot.


Scrunching & sticking.




Bike days (Weather permitting) These days are a chance for your child to bring in their own bike, scooter or pram. Please see dates for this half term in the ‘dates for your diary’ column.

The medium term planning is on our notice board for you to view, if you would like a copy emailed to you please let us know. The “Wow” words are on the white board.

New starters

Welcome to the new starters, we really hope you are going to enjoy your time with us. For those returning, welcome back we hope that you’ve enjoyed your summer break.

New starters, after a couple of weeks when your child has settled, I will ask you in for a quick chat to discuss your child’s settling in period, or you can speak to your child’s keyperson at the Macmillan coffee morning.


GT Sport


GT Sport come into nursery to provide fitness football fun sessions and initially they will be providing taster sessions on:


  • -       Monday 24th September which is our coffee morning giving the parents the opportunity to see what goes on.


Football will commence at Little Stars on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings, the start date to be confirmed and letters will come out at the beginning of the term.


Should your child be interested please can you let me know?


Charity Fundraising. – 31st October

Each year we nominate a different charity, this year it will be Macmillan cancer coffee morning and for the first time we will be donating to Alzheimer’s by holding a Halloween event which all children are invited to and can dress up if they wish to.  A charge of £1.00 per entry will be applied, all monies raised will go to the charity



Our fundraising for this year is “Design a Christmas Card project”. This will all be carried out in nursery week commencing Monday 19th September.

Your child’s card will be available for you to see both the week after or on the Macmillan coffee morning and an order form will be given out.


Little Urchins –Monday / Tuesday 8th & 9th October.


Children will be photographed in either Fairy/ Huckleberry Finn outfits or their own clothes. Children who attend on these days will be photographed within the session.


Any children who do not usually attend on either of these days are welcome to pop in to have their photos taken. Siblings are also welcome. There is no obligation to buy The theme again this year will be Fairies & Huckleberry Finn. The staff will dress all children in the clothes provided.


Paper and Card

We always need paper and card. Do you know of any suppliers who would be willing to donate some to us? 



Do you have any contacts that would be willing to do some photocopying for us?    


Suggestion box.

This box will be placed in the main corridor near the entrance door.

We would welcome all suggestions so that we continue to improve and have feedback from you positive or negative


Contact Numbers. / Email addresses

Please let us know if you change any of your contact numbers or email address. It is vital that these numbers are kept up to date in case we need to contact you while your child is in our care.    

In the event that we have to close nursery, or you suspect we might be (normally due to adverse weather conditions) please refer to our website


Child safety.

Please always be alert when you are in or around the nursery. Also be very wary of cars and others when playing in the car park. The children are your responsibility until they have passed within the inner doors of nursery leading to the hall itself, and should not be left alone in the corridor outside the toilets, as this is normally a very busy area.



Please take time to visit our website as we have updated our Policy & Procedures file with a hardcopy available should you want one.

The biggest change will be, reference’s to the GPDR and the impacts of its introduction.

Open day – 4th December

This is on Tuesday the 4th December and provides the opportunity for parents to talk to their child’s key person to see how they are progressing and to look around the nursery. The times the children will be singing to be confirmed.

Tea, coffee and cakes will be served and a raffle will take place.

Christmas jumpers, or clothing to be worn


Macmillan coffee morning, Monday 24th September

For the second time, we will be supporting the Macmillan fundraising for cancer coffee morning. We will be selling tea, coffee and cakes with all proceeds going to the charity. Any donations for biscuits would be very much appreciated as all funds raised go to the charity.

We do hope that we can get a good turnout and will be from 10.00 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. Again this will be a great opportunity to meet up with the staff to see how your child is progressing.

If it not your child session you are still more than welcome to come along.



Questionnaires will be given out at the end of term, please could you complete them as these help us to plan forwards and respond accordingly.

Junk modelling.

For the first week of term only, we would very much welcome any recycle boxes, bottles or anything else suitable for junk modelling to be brought in please.


Peppa Pig experience

As this was very popular last term we will be repeating it but are awaiting dates and prices. This will be advised to parents nearer the beginning of term.


Book Bags

Are available to buy for £6. This makes it easier for children to carry out their work and paintings. It also ensures that letters get to you rather that lost in transition


Consent forms.

Please make sure that on hot days your child has sun cream applied and brings in a hat but make sure your child’s name is clearly marked inside it.

In order for us to apply sun cream we do require our consent form that covers a wide range of topics including medical, signed and with us at the start of term.


Dogs & smoking policy - Disabilty

Can you please ensure dogs are not brought onto the nursery’s premises and we operate a non-smoking area both in the car park and hall.

Please be mindful of not parking in the disabled parking bay as we do have some children with us who have special needs.

Whilst we appreciate the issues of parking, please do not double park in the main car park as it is disrespectful to others.


Book Club

The book club have now gone back to giving out leaflets, which will be given to every child but you can still order on line. A reminder that the link which is below.

Any commission we receive helps us towards our library costs.


Lost property.

We always display lost property items and any property that has not been claimed at the end of the term will either be given to charity or destroyed.

To reduce these please ensure that your children’s clothing have labels with their name on clearly displayed.





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Dates For Your Diary


Week commencing Monday 17th  September


Making Christmas cards for fundraising.

Monday 24th September.

MacMillan coffee morning (Cancer support)

Monday 8th October.

Wednesday 9th October.


Little Urchins (Fairies & Huckleberry Finn)

Friday 19th October.

Last day of term.


Wednesday 31st October.

£1entrance money all funds raised go to Alzheimer's charity.


Charity Halloween event

Date TBC

CVOP badge man - Xmas gifts.


Tuesday 4th December.


Open day.

Tuesday 18th December.



Xmas party.

Lat day of term.





Bike Days this half term






10th September



18th September



26th September



4th October



12th October