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Monday 7th June to Wednesday 21st July 2021


This year has been a very rewarding but hard year due to Covid and the children have been so good and coped well with it.

We send our very best wishes for both health and happiness to those children who will be leaving us and who are more than welcome to pop back to see us anytime.

Most staff have now had their second vaccination and all staff are carrying out Free flow testing twice a week



This term our art themes are         " Football, Tennis, Fathers Day, Dinosaurs "


Welcome back to everyone 





Red card, yellow card and whistle



Threading & Colouring.


Fathers day dinosaur card. If you want a fathers day made for someone else please let us know.



Hand print, sticking & writing name.




Tennis Racket


Spraying paint.










Dinosaur biscuits. 7




Bike days (Weather permitting).  These days are a chance for children to bring in their own bike, scooter or pram. This is a good activity for the children to share their own toys and show off their bikes.


The medium term planning is on our notice board for you to view, if you would like a copy emailed to you please let us know. The “Wow” words are on the white board.

Sponsor days. 20/21st April 2021

Thank you so much for your support, we have raised £1360.00 which has been spent on both toys etc. and will go towards the end of term party.

Little Urchins Photographer

You can still order photos if you have not done so already.



We would appreciate donations of any old toys or jigsaw together with old wellington boots for our garden area.


Any garden equipment and or plants would be very much appreciated.


Should we receive duplicated items we will be passing these onto charity.


Sun cream


Whilst we do provide sun cream, it would be very helpful if you could apply sun cream to your child beforehand and make sure that they have a hat with their name on it to wear for added protection.


Open visit week – Week commencing Monday 28th June. (excludes the Wednesday)

We will be inviting future parents and their children to visit us to look around the nursery and to ask questions etc. They can also see for themselves the nursery in a working environment.

If you know of anyone who you think would like to come along or are interested in our setting, please can you give them our contact details.


Open Day – Wednesday 30th June.

This is the time for parents to talk to their child’s key person and to see how they are progressing as well as see the running of nursery.

Due to restriction changes to Covid, we can have parents in the hall although we would like to limit numbers. If you are interested in meeting your child’s keyperson I will be giving out time slots.

Refreshments and cakes will on sale on the day.

If it is not your child’s session you are still more than welcome to come in. The children on this day will be doing Zumbini and football activities.


Toileting rucksacks.

Please can your child only bring in a rucksack (MUST BE NAMED) if they need changing or are in nappies / pull-ups – please ensure you put spare ones in their bags.


Please could your child come into nursery in a clean nappy as although we are more than happy to change them once they are settled.

If your child is currently out of nappies, to help them go more independently can you please put them in clothing that they can easily undo themselves.

Please note we will always have spare clothes in the event of an accident.


End of term party – Wednesday 21st July


The aim is to have a beach party theme depending on the weather (more details nearer the time).


This fun day will be normal session times and if it is not your child’s session you are more than welcome, but please let me know.


There will also be a cold buffet details to be advised on the door nearer the time.


Please can we have no book bags or toys on this day? Changing bags will be left outside.


September sessions.

Can I please have all signed claiming forms back and preferred sessions for September, only from those parents who have not already done so.


Book Club / World Book day.

The book club have now gone back to giving out leaflets, which will be given to every child but you can still order on line. A reminder of the link, which is below.


Any commission we receive helps us towards our library costs.


Football sessions.  

These will start after half term when more consistent good weather is expected and Covid restrictions allow. Letters will be out first week of term this will be on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.


Lost property.


We always display lost property items and any property that has not been claimed at the end of the term will either be given to charity or destroyed.


To reduce these please ensure that your children’s clothing have labels with their name on clearly displayed.


Covid update

We will stop taking the children’s temperatures on entry but will continue to have the children walk in on their own to hang up their coats and sterilise their hands.

I am still asking parents to wear facemasks until 21st June and then hopefully this will be stopped.




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Dates For Your Diary


Monday 7th June.

Return to nursery.

Sunday 20th June

Fathers day.


Wednesday 30th  June

Open day


Wednesday 21st July


End of term party & last day of term.













Bike Days.





14th June



22nd June.



1st July.


7th July.


16th July.