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Monday 28th October to Friday 17th December 2019


This term our art themes are “Diwali, Halloween, Fireworks, Children in Need. Guru Nanak and Christmas”

Welcome back to everyone 







Halloween Spiders






Remembrance Day




Decorating a biscuit


Blow art, scraping and sticking


Remembrance Day


Guru Nanak.


Children in Need



Decorating a biscuit




Stamping a Pudsey Mask


2020 Calendar.



Christmas door wreath.


Sticking and decorating a paper plate.


Reindeer Christmas card.


Sticking and writing name.

Marshmallow snowman. 7 Decorating with chocolate.
Party fairy cakes. 7 Decorating with icing and sweeties.

Bike days  (Weather permitting) These days are a chance for your child to bring in their own bike, scooter or pram. Please see dates for this half term in the ‘dates for your diary’ column.


The medium term planning is on our notice board for you to view, if you would like a copy emailed to you please let us know. The “Wow” words are on the white board.

Christmas Party


This will be held on Tuesday 17th December in normal session times. This will consist of party games, with visits from Father Christmas, Sing & Sign activities and a snack (food details will be displayed on the door nearer the time)


Father Christmas will be giving out presents at the end and the children will exit as they receive their present. This is likely to take a little longer getting the children out.


Some parents have still not paid their money, which we require if you want your child to attend. If your child’s money is not paid by 1st November we will have to assume your child is not attending.


Halloween - 31st October 2019


We are holding a coffee morning from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., which will give you the opportunity to meet with your key person and discuss your child’s progress.


If it’s not your session you are more than welcome to attend but do please let us know. If your child would like to dress up (optional) if would be very nice


We are holding Halloween activities on the day if you would like to join in and we will be providing tea, coffee and cakes (donations appreciated) as well as sweets to sell.


Christmas card – Post Box


This will out from Monday 2nd December, if you would like a list of your child’s friend’s please ask a staff member.



GA Football & Fitness


There are still a few vacancies on these courses on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. The cost is £3.90 for a 30-minute session. Can you please let me asap if your child would like to attend both or either of these. If bad weather this will be held in-doors.


School places


If you are applying for a school place for your child, this has to be in by 17th January 2020. If you feel you need to discuss this further please come to see me.


Little Urchins


The photos will be collected on Friday 1st November early morning so the last day for for ordering is the 31st October.


Sing & Sign


Due to the popularity of this event this term we are running it again next term.


This starts from Wednesday 30th October for 6 weeks from 10 a.m. to at a cost of £3 per session.


If you are interested please can you pay your £18 asap? Or even just let me know that you are interested.


CVOP badge man – Xmas gifts. – Wednesday 6th November


They will be at nursery at 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. to take pictures of your child for Christmas badges, magnets etc.


If this is not your child’s session you are more than welcome to come along for their photo to be taken.


Open day – 3rd December


This is on Tuesday the 3rd December and provides the opportunity for parents to talk to their child’s key person to see how they are progressing and to look around the nursery. The time the children will be singing is 9:15 a.m. Parents are welcome to stay (only two adults per child due to fire regulations) until 11:15 for a cup of tea and cakes and to talk to their child’s keyperson.


There will be no afternoon singing as the children are so young and it is too much to ask them to sit for such a long time. If your child is an afternoon older child and likes to sing they are more than welcome to attend the morning.


We will be having a craft afternoon, which we hope all afternoon parents will come along too both participate and support. Parents are welcome from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

If it is not your child’s session you are more than welcome to attend either one, so all parents can choose either morning or afternoon regardless of sessions. It would be helpful on managing numbers if you could let me have your preference please?


Tea, coffee, cakes and raffle tickets will be on sale with the draw taking place on Friday 13th December.


Christmas jumpers or other forms of themed clothing to be worn. We will also be selling reindeer feed that the children will have made that week.



Bad weather


If we encounter really bad weather we will always notify you by email and post a message on our website.




We are considering starting packed lunches from September 2020; please can you give me any feedback as to whether this is of interest so that we can review demand.


Child safety.


Please always be alert when you are in or around the nursery. Also be very wary of cars and others when playing in the car park. The children are your responsibility until they have passed within the inner doors of nursery leading to the hall itself, and should not be left alone in the corridor outside the toilets, as this is normally a very busy area.


Please ensure you watch your child hang up their coats and enter the main hall doors before leaving.


Book club


The book club have now gone back to giving out leaflets, which will be given to every child but you can still order on line. A reminder that the link which is below.


Any commission we receive helps us towards our library costs.


January sessions.


If you would like to increase or decrease your sessions from January, can you please let me know asap?


We will have very few sessions available but want to make sure we give parents the opportunity if possible.


There will no room to change after January, as I will be full until the September 2020.


Lost property.


We always display lost property items and any property that has not been claimed at the end of the term will either be given to charity or destroyed.


To reduce these please ensure that your children’s clothing have labels with their name on clearly displayed.


Contacting Nursery


If your child is going to be absent or will be late collecting your child, can you please ring us on 01322 525021 or our mobile 07804 650095.


If your child has sickness or diarrhoea they will not be able to attend nursery until they have been clear for at least 48 hours.


Homework / Book work.


This will start for the older children this term who will be going to school next September.


The homework will come out on a Monday and returned whenever as we are preparing them for transition into mainstream schooling. This is not compulsory but we believe this will be of benefit to all.





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Dates For Your Diary


Monday 28th October



Return to nursery and Diwali

Wednesday 28th October


Sing and sign commence.


Thursday 31st October


Halloween open day.



5th November


Fireworks & making Reindeer feed.



6th November


CVOP Photographer. Details below

Friday 8th November &

Monday 11th November


Remembrance Day activities.

Tuesday 12th November


Guru Nanak

Thursday 14th Nov p.m.
Friday 15th Nov a.m.

Children in Need

Week beginning

25th November


Children decorating hall for Xmas.

Tuesday 3rd December.


Open Day.

Tuesday 17th December.


Xmas party
Last day of term

Monday 6th January.

Return to nursery.














Bike Days this half term






4th November.



12th November.



20th November.



28th November.



6th December.